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Svaneti, Mestia

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winery in Georgia
Kakheti region is the homeland of wine in Georgia, oldes wine producing country in the world
Dmanisi ancestors
The oldest hominid site found in Eurasia to date. Pleistocene age of about 1.8 MA.
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Erasmus Reunion 7 days Tour in Tusheti, Georgia

Erasmus Reunion 7 days Tour gives opportunity to meet Erasmus friends again in Tusheti, Georgia. Tusheti mountain region is located north-east part of Georgia. The elevation of Tusheti from the sea level is 1650-4493 meters. Magnificent place Tusheti is oldest place in Georgia, where people save their culture and traditions well. Tusheti is very famous with the history, folk dances, songs, parties and traditions. Particularly Tushetians are very famous with their hospitality, cooking and holding Tushetian parties in the evening. People living in Tusheti have sheep-farming business. Tushetian cheese is the most popular cheese among Georgians. For that reason travel and tour lovers are always delighted visiting Tusheti. Well-known traveler Jonny Bealby recommends all adventure lovers to visit this picturesque region. Yahoo! Travel placed these Georgian mountainous region on the fifth place out of ten lesser-known, top travel destinations. Tusheti villages are located at the top of the mountains where guest can have very nice panorama view from the top, see clouds beneath them, be in the clear environment, breath most fresh air, and be far from the noisy cities. Tusheti has unique location for hiking tourists tours. Traval & Tour activities in Tusheti is only available during summer period from July to September. By that time, average shade degree is + 14 to 15. For that reason it is recommended to book hotels in Georgia 2-3 weeks before arrival.

Day 1
- Meet at Airport
- Accommodate at guest house in Telavi
- Supper at Hotel

Day 2 - Telavi city tour;
- Alavedi Cathedral. See the sights of the wine cellar of Alaverdi Monastery, wine degustation.
- Wine testing in Napareuli cellar.
- Ikalto. The Ikalto monastery founded by Saint Zenon, one of the 13 Syrian Fathers, in the late 6th century, where guest can see oldes Amphoraes (Qvevri) and winepress (Sacnakheli).
- Dinner at restaurant.

Day 3
- Breakfast at Guest house
- Trip to Tusheti
- Lunch on the way to Tusheti
- Accommodation in Tusheti at Guest House Lamata;
- Lunch at Guest House Lamata, Introduce Tushetian traditional musical instrument Tushuri garmuni and Tushetian traditional dances
- Cultural tour to ethnographical museum

Day 4
- Nakaicho tour in Tusheti.Visit points: village Verkhovani, Ashakhevi, village Dadikurta (The village has most high place in Tusheti), Nakhaicho pass (2900 m height) where you will have opportunity to see beauty of gorges of Tusheti, picnic, Pikhalta, Tkhis Gori, return back to village Verkhovani.

Day 5
- Tsovata tour in Tusheti. Visit points: village Verkhovani, Datvis Gori (To see the farm, where guests have opportunity to introduce how to make Tushetian cheese and be involved cheese making process), Nasoplari Tsaro, Tsovata gorge, picnic, return back to Verkhovani village.

Day 6
- Javakhe tour in Tusheti .Visit points: Village Verkhovani, Ashakhevi, Somjokalta (go to Jvakhi), village Vedzis Khevi, village Alisgori (the way to Ortsikhe), village Jvarboseli, return back to village Verkhovani.

Day 7
- Return back to Telavi Guest house

Day 8
- Return back to Airport

Price from: 600 GEL

For reservation or any questions please contact us and we will happy to answer as soon as possilbe.